Copyright © 2004 Киностудия "НОВЫЙ ОДЕОН". All rights reserved. Web design - Oksana Shagdar EIRAMDZHAN (Ter-Grigoryan) Anatoliy Nikolaevich - the famous Russian film director, producer and writer. was born January 3, 1937 in Baku (Azerbaijan) ,  died September 23, 2014 in Miami (USA) and was buried  in Miami SOUTHERN Memorial Park. His father was Nikolay Nikolaevich Ter-Grigoryan, an accomplished  teacher of music and the piano. Anatoliy Eiramdzhan's mother, whose surname was taken by Anatoliy, is Arevik Nikitichna Eiramdzhan - the grand daughter of the famous Armenian writer GHAZAROS AGHAYAN (1840-1911 ) The historical biography of Ghazaros Aghayan can be read through here.   In 1961 Anatoliy graduated from the "Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry". In 1972 he completed a three year program at the Screenplay branch of the High Course of Scripwriters and Movie Directors ( conducted by I.Olshansky ). After graduating he began writing movie scripts. Anatoliy is s also the author of short comic stories. He was honored as a winner of the prestigous "GOLDEN CALF" from  the "Literary Newspaper" for 1972 - 1973. In 1989 Anatoliy began producing films from his own scripts. The film studio Noviy Odeon was formed in Moscow in 1992 by Anatoliy to focus on creating comedies. He also took on the responsibilities of screenwriter, art director and film director. During his career at Noviy Odeon,  Anatoliy was responsible for the creation of twenty films. In 1995 the publishing house AUTHOR, Inc. of Moscow published Anatoliy’s first book, titled “The Ladies' Man and Other Comedy Films ". Anatoliy’s films consistently receive very high ratings and have large theatre and TV audiences. Since 2003 Anatoliy lived and worked in Miami, FL with his wife Oksana and his son Koka (Nikolay). In 2006 was published his second book, titled  "FROM EVERYONE ONE THREAD". In 2012 was  published his third book, titled  "SHIRT FOR NAKED". In 2014 was published his fourth book, titled  "Where located NOPHELET and something else..." According to scenarios of Anatoly Eiramdzhan were created 35 comedy films in Russia. About about 15 scenarios written for last years of his life and remained as unrealized projects. Many of these scenarios are published in the latest books of the writer and director. According to the copyright law, all scenarios of Anatoly Eiramdzhan©  are registered in Library of the Congress of USA.   Anatoly Eiramdzhan - the comic writer and the screenwriter comedy dramatist, therefore all his movies on a genre - comedy.